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A6 / S6 (C5 Platform) Discussion Discussion forum for the C5 Audi A6 and S6 produced from 1998-2004 ... The dealership just took a 2000 A6 2.7t in trade with 138,000kms on the clock . New rubber , very very ... So, start checking belt issues like 2.7LTurbo mentioned, belt tensioner bearing and, alternator and other components driven by the belt. If it is not one ... Easiest thing to try is to pop off the serpentine belt, start the engine and see if the noise is gone. If it is, then ...

2004 A6 2.7 Sedan: Aux Fan (behind radiator) Test and Removal ...

I don't have experience with the testing, but had the fan out (well, aside) last weekend to get at the serpentine belt tensioner. You don't need the service position. Remove the small screw on the upper passenger-side corner.

How do i replace the serpentine belt on my 2002 audi a6 3.0 quattro?

There is a place to put a wrench on the front near the pulley of the tensioner but I can not remember what it actually takes. Ask Your .... Audi: 2002 audi a6 with airbag light on Wednesday,09,July,2014,09:52:56:63715 VCDS 7/9/2014 7/9/2014.

2002 Audi A6 3.0 Basket Case or Basic Repair? - AudiWorld Forums

I have owned foreign and domestic, cars and trucks, and have done repairs as involved as replacing the top end of a Ford Taurus, replacing the transmission on a Ford F150, and replacing the timing belt and steering rack on an Acura RL. ... and all at the dealership, with the exception of a couple of more recent repairs (serpentine belt, exhaust camshaft at 1,2,3 cylinders, mass air sensor, and coolant temp sensor all done in January 2013 at a different shop).

2004 Audi 2.7T Serpentine Belt DIY -

JPG While holding presser on the breaker bar (relieving pressure on the tensioner), put the locking pin in (allen wrench), see Belt Tensioner Relief Pin Placement.JPG. Note, it's best to feel for the locking pin location first ...

Audi A6 Questions - I'm being quoted $1,259 to service my time ...

My guide says about $800-$1000, but thats for the Timing belt and the tensioner. Some recommend you also replace the water pump, front engine seals, drive belt, idlers, and tensioners along with the timing belt. So that's ...

'03 A6 w/ misfire & P0346 - need help please - AudiWorld Forums

The car has been in the family since new in '03, and until the last two years, all service was performed at the Audi dealer it came from in Pennsylvania. All specified preventative service ... Monday morning Ford calls and says the belt broke because the tensioner broke, so I need a new belt and tensioner. I authorize repairs, to which they ... The 3.0 (AVK) serpentine belt is pretty easy to remove/install on an A6 in comparison to an A4. What happened to the tensioner ...

Thread: 2.6 V6 serpentine belt diagram - VW AUDI Forum

ok folks this is doing my head in, just want to replace the power steering/alternator belt but can't for the life of me figure out the routing......can anybody help ?

How To AFN Serpentine belt rout - VW AUDI Forum

15777 With the Air-con belt removed, thread the new serpentine belt between the tensioner and fan first with the grooves against the tensioner, and work counter clockwise i.e. crank, idler power steering.Then lever the ...

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